About Me

Story Of My Life

Driven by passion, currently growing and developing.

Working on what I'm passionate about.

I dream big, I learn what I'm passionate about. I dare myself to take risks, try something new, and force myself to grow. I put myself to grow in the lane of efficiency, loyalty, neatness, and collaboration.

With my normality of my life, I felt things are so bland and boring. I feel that I need some challenge in life to grow myself up. So with some photography knowledge out of junior high, I took some small projects and try my best at capturing moments.

In 2015, EDM are going crazy, that made me very curious with DJing. In 2018 I did my first DJ gig at a pool party. It was awesome. I learned how to read crowds, how to handle requests, think quickly, while being calm and do my best.

In 2019, I dare myself to learn programming, take CS in University. I took a part time job a junior developer and learned many things, especially teamwork and collaborative progress.

And now here I'm. A student, a part timer, a DJ, a photographer.

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